Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Testing Apple Mac with ARM processors ?

Apple reportedly testing Mac devices , reinforced with ARM -based chipsets . Typically, the Cupertino-based company , the United States is making computer chips Intel Macs are supported .

Reported by Ubergizmo , Monday ( 26/05/2014 ) , if this news is true , then the user can later watch no Macs are supported by ARM chipsets in the future . Rumors about the ARM chipset on the Mac has emerged since 2011.
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Rumors are also rolling in 2012 , which said Apple will move from Intel to ARM processors adoption . Current , MacBidouille reports reveal that Apple is testing a new prototype Macs running quad-core processor with 64- bit ARM 4-8 .

That said , the development of this prototype takes a long time . This prototype is a model of 13 -inch notebooks that carries design features a new keyboard and Magic Trackpad features .

Sources also said that Apple could release an ARM -based computer since a few years ago , but there are things to be considered . One consideration is that Apple is still keeping with Intel's roadmap .

Once the roadmap ends , Apple can freely to make chipsets ARM -based computer products . Different processors , the application compatibility will be affected .
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Reportedly , when the true Mac adopts ARM , not all software applications can be run with OS X. Developers were also asked to create an application that is compatible with ARM -based chips .