Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Testing Apple Mac with ARM processors ?

Apple reportedly testing Mac devices , reinforced with ARM -based chipsets . Typically, the Cupertino-based company , the United States is making computer chips Intel Macs are supported .

Reported by Ubergizmo , Monday ( 26/05/2014 ) , if this news is true , then the user can later watch no Macs are supported by ARM chipsets in the future . Rumors about the ARM chipset on the Mac has emerged since 2011.
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Rumors are also rolling in 2012 , which said Apple will move from Intel to ARM processors adoption . Current , MacBidouille reports reveal that Apple is testing a new prototype Macs running quad-core processor with 64- bit ARM 4-8 .

That said , the development of this prototype takes a long time . This prototype is a model of 13 -inch notebooks that carries design features a new keyboard and Magic Trackpad features .

Sources also said that Apple could release an ARM -based computer since a few years ago , but there are things to be considered . One consideration is that Apple is still keeping with Intel's roadmap .

Once the roadmap ends , Apple can freely to make chipsets ARM -based computer products . Different processors , the application compatibility will be affected .
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Reportedly , when the true Mac adopts ARM , not all software applications can be run with OS X. Developers were also asked to create an application that is compatible with ARM -based chips .


Tuesday, May 27, 2014

"That Semanggi Keramat, Must Sterile of Building Anything"

Director of the Institute for Transportation Development Policy ( ITDP ) Yoga Adiwinarto admit , the distance between the stop and the Lower Dam clover stop too far . In fact , he considered , the distance between the two stops is not ideal for stop distance connecting the two corridors .

Yoga explained , a few years ago had no plans to bring the second stop in order to facilitate the convenience of passengers who want to transit from the first to the Corridor Corridor IX , nor vice versa .

"It was never going approximated . So , stop Benhil it would be moved to under the Semanggi Bridge , " he told , Tuesday ( 27/05/2014 ) .
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However , the word yoga , the plan faced considerable opposition from one of the professors of urban planning that assesses the Semanggi Bridge is a sacred bridge so there should not be any building constructed on the site .

" So , there are professors who opposed because he thought it was a sacred Semanggi , sterile area that is free from any buildings . So , in order to maintain purity Semanggi , dikorbankanlah haltenya so ( much ) like that , " said Yoga without mentioning the person who he meant .

Benhil stop is a stop that is located in the corridor I , while clover stop was in Corridor IX . The second stop is used by users who want to perform TransJakarta Corridor I to transit of Corridor IX , nor vice versa .

However , the second stop distance is quite far , reaching 200-300 meters . This resulted in the passengers had to walk 5-8 minutes , which is of course physically draining enough just to move from stop to stop .


Sunday, May 25, 2014

INTRAC: Suryadharma Suspected Money Laundering Conduct

Center for Financial Transaction Reports and Analysis Center (INTRAC ) deliver to the Corruption Eradication Commission analysis report ( LHA ) suspicious financial transactions relating to the Minister of Religious Affairs Suryadharma Ali . According to Deputy Chief Agus Santoso INTRAC , LHA submission to the Commission indicate money laundering associated with Suryadharma .

" With the publication of LHA by INTRAC then of course there is suspicion of money laundering ( money laundering ) " Agus said via text message received , Monday ( 26/05/2014 ) .

Agus said that , if the LHA INTRAC has submitted to the Commission , it means there are allegations of corruption made ​​by a senior official in bulk . According to him , the value of financial transactions related to Suryadharma worth billions of dollars .
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Agus also said , many LHA INTRAC submitted relating to the conduct of the pilgrimage . Some LHA , he continued , was based on the results of the examination of the management of funds pilgrimage INTRAC 2004 to 2012.

Of the audit , INTRAC find suspicious transactions amounting to Rp 230 billion, which is not apparent use. During that period , the funds managed hajj reached Rp 80 trillion in exchange for proceeds of about Rp 2.3 trillion per year .

Separately , KPK spokesman Johan Budi said not obtain information about possible Suryadharma charged under articles of the money laundering statute . " There 's no information , " said Johan .

Associated with the implementation of Hajj 2012/2013 , the Commission set Suryadharma as a suspect . Chairman of the United Development Party 's alleged misuse of authority or unlawful act which resulted in losses to the state .

Mode of abuse of power and enrich themselves , others , or corporation who allegedly committed Suryadharma . Among others , by utilizing the initial deposit of funds to pay for Hajj by public officials of the Ministry of Religious Affairs and his family pilgrimage . Among the families who participated diongkosi is the wife of officials of the Ministry of Religion .

LHA found INTRAC also shows that Suryadharma invite 33 people leaving for Hajj . KPK also suspect there are price bubbles associated with catering , lodging , and transportation of pilgrims .

Suryadharma addition , the Commission suspected there was involvement of other parties in the cases of alleged corruption organization of the Hajj . Allegedly , there are members of the Council who play in the catering business associated with the Hajj .

Alleged members of the board game is also associated with foreign exchange business . There are allegations of secrecy in the mechanism of foreign exchange ( forex ) administration Hajj . Always done in currency exchange changers that 's it , while not explained what the parameters in choosing a currency exchange place .

INTRAC also has submitted a suspicious transaction data related to members of Parliament to the Commission to be explored further .


Friday, May 23, 2014

Closer look at Merapi Monitoring Activities Volunteers

"The peak of Merapi observed quite clear, white smoke with a low pressure looks out from the top of the mountain. While wind speed normal to the direction of the north, not sounding thump from the mouth of the mountain. Similarly can be reported from Mount Merapi monitoring post Balerante Parent, Kemalang, Klaten," Darwono said, Volunteer Monitoring Visual Merapi, while the peak of Mount Merapi conditions reported by radio Handy Talky (HT).

That's a brief overview of the conversations that do volunteer monitors Mount Merapi Balerante Parent 907, Kemalang Subdistrict, Klaten. At any time, such reports will continue to be spoken by the volunteers who served on the slope of Mount Merapi.
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Not know the time, day or night, the volunteers continued to observe the conditions of the most active mountain peaks in the world. In fact, any event that occurs at the top of the mountain, is always reported by the volunteers, both to the Agency for Investigation and Technology Development Kegunungapian (BPPTK) Yogyakarta and Disaster Management Agency (BPBD) Klaten. In fact, most of the report was given to the people who are on the slopes of Mount Merapi.

In this kind of alert status, observations made volunteers more improved than the current status of Mount Merapi in normal active state. The volunteers always observe volcanic activity both visually using the naked eye, binoculars and activity observations using seismic detection devices are placed on the mountain.

Darwono say, by observing a continuous basis, no matter what happens at the top of the mountain can be seen as soon as possible so that the volunteers can provide quick and accurate information to the people who live on the slopes of Mount Merapi. Moreover, in the district of Klaten there are several villages were included in the Disaster Prone Areas (KRB) Merapi.

He said the observation was made extra tight so that the citizens are not missed as of 2010. At that time, a tremendous eruption devastated the border region of Klaten and Sleman, Yogyakarta. Lack of information dissemination at the time also made many fallen victim.

"Currently, whatever information we provide to the public directly. If that condition was dangerous, people can understand quickly and can be displaced," he said.

Awu Turahan Rescue Coordinator, Parent Balerante 907, Suharno, said, in addition to visual observation of Merapi, the volunteers also conduct educational and rescue for citizens around the south side of the mountain slope. According to him, the provision of education to the community is very important. Because, with the provision that public education will be realized with any disasters that endanger them.

With such, according to him, the task of the volunteers will not be in vain. When volunteers provide information about a dangerous thing, people will quickly understand and prepare themselves to find a safe place.

"Information dissemination is most effective when using community radio and almost every moment of the broadcast can be heard on any information going around Merapi," he said.


Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Apple and Samsung Not So "goodness"

Immediately after court ruling Apple - Samsung patent dispute is issued in early May , the two sides asked Judge Lucy Koh to be at peace through the middle of the road or alternative dispute resolution ( ADR ) .

However , a court document released this week revealed that the peace effort turned out to be a dead end.

Instead of " goodness " , as reported by The Verge , Apple and Samsung rather than mutual recrimination that his opponent does not have a commitment to resolve the issue outside the court room .

Apple said that Samsung did not want to agree that the ADR peace agreement does not nullify the possibility of lawsuits or royalty agreements in the future .
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The company also quoted Samsung lawyer , John Quinn , who called the court patent dispute as " Vietnam War Apple version that makes people sick " .

On the other hand , Samsung argued that the statement of the attorney had nothing to do with the peace effort . Samsung also objected to the requirement that prompted Apple , about the ADR agreement does not eliminate the possibility of future lawsuits .

Samsung and Apple alternating engage in peace talks . However , they always fail to reach agreement even brokered by mediators .

It is possible that these two giants did not want to " goodness " . Decision issued compensation court did not have much effect to both corporate finance , while the ban applies only to products that have been worn out old stuff .

The court ruling in a patent dispute between Apple's second half and Samsung released earlier this month . Judges decided that Apple and Samsung are equally guilty and should pay compensation , even though the number is much smaller than that dituntutkan by both parties .


Tuesday, May 20, 2014

AGO: File Akil Mochtar Not Complete

Attorney General stated beam former Chairman of the Constitutional Court ( MK ) Akil Mochtar related types of marijuana drug possession , incomplete or P18 .

"The file the case against the suspect is not yet complete ( P - 18 ) by virtue Number : B-1269/E.4/Euh.1/04/2014 , dated 29 April 2014 , " said Head of the Legal Information Center ( Kapuspenkum ) AGO , Lucky Faithful Arimuladi in Jakarta , Tuesday ( 20/5 ) .

Because of that, he said , the AGO had returned them to the National Narcotics Agency ( BNN ) with instructions .
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He explains things that led to the return of the case file made ​​due to the lack of formal completeness and completeness of the material following guidelines for investigators to supplement the shortage.

He said instructions have been given so that the investigator BNN docket on behalf of the suspect may be eligible to be transferred to the court for prosecution .

AGO itself receives SPDP was on 20 November 2013 in a letter from the investigator BNN Number : B/23/XI/2013 / BNN , dated 20 November 2013 on November 22 , 2013.

Akil Mochtar presupposed violated Article 111 ( paragraph 1 ) , Article 112 Paragraph ( 2 ) , Article 116 , Article 127 , Article 131 of Law No. 35 of 2009 on Narcotics Investigator by the National Narcotics Agency .


Monday, May 19, 2014

Wait Golkar and Democrat Candidate Pair Axle Gerindra list to the Commission on the Last Day

Although declared on Monday ( 19/05/2014 ) afternoon , a couple of candidates for president and vice president of the new shaft Gerindra will register with the National Election Commission on Tuesday ( 20/05/2014 ) , aka the last day of registration of candidates Presidential Election of 2014.

" The problem is not set up everything right administration , the Democratic Party and the Golkar Party is still awaited to join us , " said Vice Chairman Gerindra Fadli Zon , Monday afternoon , ahead of the declaration will be carried shaft couples party .

Gerindra so far has been getting support from the United Development Party , the National Mandate Party and the Prosperous Justice Party . The candidates who will accompany Prabowo , some time ago stated that the strongest chances are Hatta Rajasa .
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Declaration of the candidate pairs of shafts will be held at a place called Home Polonia in the Cipinang Cempedak , Monday afternoon . The house was once inhabited by the end of his rule of President Sukarno .

Fadli said the Democratic Party and the Golkar Party is still possible to join the party shaft . " We are still open to all who wish to join the party , the more it would be better , " he said .

Earlier, Chairman of the Democratic Party Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono said the party chose to remain neutral , following a meeting of national leaders , Sunday ( 18/05/2014 ) . However , the decision was recently called to be definitive and not final . The final decision will be taken on Tuesday , the Supreme Council meeting of the forum of the Democratic Party .

The Golkar Party has yet to receive a coalition partner . On Sunday evening , Chairman of Golkar Party Bakrie met Chairman of the PDI - P and Megawati Sukarnoputri visited the Chairman of the Board of Trustees Gerindra Prabowo .


Tuesday, May 13, 2014

MK: All Files Lawsuit Election Dispute Not Complete

The process of filing a lawsuit in 2014 Legislative Elections matter to the Constitutional Court ( MK ) entered the stage of delivery of the deed and deed of acceptance of the applicant's request for a complete and incomplete . From the records of the Court, all appeals filed incomplete .

Secretary General Janedjri M Gaffar in the Court House , Jakarta , Tuesday ( 05/13/2014 ) , stating that all applicants must complete and file repair application within 3 x 24 hours . In other words , all files should already be complete no later than Thursday ( 05/15/2014 ) at 23:51 pm .
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Janedjri added , of the incoming data , the data while the total cases submitted to the Court is 702 cases . In detail , 30 cases of individual candidate Regional Representative Council ( DPD ) and the remaining 672 cases filed by the national parties and local parties in Aceh .

" Of the cases that come in, the sound is generally questioned the political parties that have been established in all provinces , except Yogyakarta . Absolutely no question , " he said .

Regarding shortage of parties file , Janedjri explained , many variations of the file deficiencies , of which the evidence is not in accordance with the stated and the inclusion of the acquisition have not been clearly disputed vote .

" There are lists of votes by the General Election Commission ( KPU ) , according to the petitioner no . 's Must be completed , " he explained .

Compared to the 2009 elections , the number of lawsuits that entered this year's increase. In 2009 , the Court handles 628 cases filed 38 political parties , while this year 702 cases with 15 participants parties .

" It can be concluded there is increase in number of cases . Formerly, one party filed an average of 17 cases , one party this year an average of 48 cases , " he added .

If the applicant does not complete the data until the time limit is given , the Court will continue to process the request for the case file to the judge . " The judge who later will inspect and prosecute . Decision submitted to the judges , " said Janedjri .

The amount of data while tort cases submitted to the Court today is Star Party 90 cases , 85 cases of the Democratic Party , Golkar Party 73 cases , 71 cases Hanura , Indonesian Justice and Development Party ( PKPI ) 68 cases , the United Development Party ( PPP ) 54 cases , 43 cases of the National Awakening Party , the Prosperous Justice Party ( PKS ) 42 cases , the National Mandate Party ( PAN ) 42 cases , 42 cases Nasdem Party , Gerindra 40 cases , the PDI - P 16 cases , 4 cases of Aceh National Party , and the Aceh Peace Party 2 cases . The remaining 30 cases filed DPD candidates .


Friday, May 2, 2014

Gov't Offers Cooperation Handling MERS-CoV

Health Minister Nafsiah Mboi said the Indonesian government will offer disease management cooperation midde East Respiratory Syndrome Corona Virus ( MERS - CoV ) with countries of Saudi Arabia and other countries that have such cases .

" We have spoken to the Foreign Ministry that we will offer assistance cooperation , because Indonesia has never had bird flu and we can control it , " said Minister of Health in Jakarta , Friday ( 2/5 ) .
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Diseases caused by the corona virus that has symptoms similar to bird flu , among others, high fever , cough and flu as well as shortness of breath .

While cooperation is called Menkes offered technical assistance how to control the transmission of the disease more intensively since Indonesia has experience in suppressing the spread of bird flu .

Meanwhile , the Ministry of Health has issued a warning to the public, especially for prospective Umrah pilgrims to Saudi Arabia on alert for MERS - CoV .

" All has been given a warning , which will Umrah pilgrims ' travel agents ' , all have been collected to be given a warning , " said Menkes .

Minister also said all CTF has also been fitted by body heat scanner equipment that can be used to check for new passengers coming from abroad, especially from Arab countries where the virus is endemic middle corona .

"If there is any light as symptoms , immediately consult . Sooner monitored more easy to ascertain ( whether infected with corona virus ) . Dan also mentioned ( for health workers ) that you just came from Arabia , " said Minister of Health .

The World Health Organization ( WHO ) reported that there were 10 new cases in Saudi Arabia within 24 hours on April 30, 2014 from the city of Mecca , Jeddah and Medina .

A citizen in Mecca was also killed by a MERS - CoV last week , but Minister of Health said no cases found in Indonesia, both of Umrah pilgrims and citizens visiting other Arab countries .

" Thank God for the Umrah Indonesia has no ( MERS - CoV infected ) . Someone back with the symptoms but it turned out negative , " says Menkes .


Benefits of Noni Fruits and Leaves for Health

Health articles , the benefits of noni fruit and leaves for health .
Noni plants is a plant that can grow in the lowlands to the height of 1500 m . have you seen this fruit crop ? The benefits of Noni is very good for the body , where the plants can reach approximately 3-8 m , has an interest , where the flower head is white .
In the Noni fruit when young is green with brown spots or black , as are berries then when the old compound will change color to white .
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Benefits of Noni Fruit
As for the content of such Noni fruit is that it contains nutrients , proteins , vitamins , and minerals that are essential for the body , other than that there are also other ingredients such as terpenoids substances , anti-bacterial substances , and also anti-cancer substances . where in this content are the benefits of Noni fruit is very good for health .
The other benefits of Noni fruit that is as immune , anti inflamansi , analgesics , fighting germs , controlling blood pressure , hypertension , fever , cough , abdominal pain , busting the scales on the legs , normalize blood pressure , cancer and tumors healers , as well as improving digestion in the body .

Benefits of Noni Fruit For Health

While there are benefits as a beauty , but most people opt for the benefits of the Noni fruit for their health . Usually for processing the Noni fruit Noni treated as herbs , because it is able to cure jaundice , inflammation of the spleen , liver inflammation , and can help remove fluids excessive bile and cholesterol , and other health benefits for the body . Hopefully this information can be useful and beneficial for you .
Benefits of Noni Leaf

In addition to the Noni fruit still more benefits Noni fruit and leaves , which can be used either on their utilization for health and for beauty .
On the leaves of Morinda citrifolia you can use as a food to replace vegetables , on the leaf contains Vitamin A , and can heal as well as treatment ambein and flatulence in the baby , if you are diligent to consume .
In addition to beauty Noni leaf can be used for body slimming , acne removal and also on the face .

Similarly, this article may be useful for the health of you who read , please read other articles to increase your knowledge about kesehatan.terima you for visiting


Tuesday, April 29, 2014

For the sake of the Son , Rich Woman Mountain Lease

For the sake of Children , Women tajir Rent Mount
A mother who is very wealthy from China , accidentally hire a mountain for his daughter could learn about nature .

Gan Lin , spending money of 3,000 pounds or approximately Rp56 million ( Rp19.546 per pound ) per month to rent a mountain , farm , and also an area of ​​1.3 hectares ( ha ) .

Women who had worked as a teacher is willing to spend a lot of money just to help her daughter , Gan Gan Yin , learn about nature by planting vegetables or raise .
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" I think this is the best way for my child to gain knowledge about nature , " said Gan Lin . As reported by Express , Tuesday ( 29/04/2014 ) .

" Knowledge of nature is very little known by the children in the town . 's A good idea to teach them about nature directly into place rather than in the classroom , " he said .

Every day after school , her daughter and her classmates went to the mountain where they could study the plants and animals . They also played in the meadow .


Violence Suspect Mother JIS ikhlaskan son's departure

Ncit Maya , the mother of one of the alleged sexual abuse of students kindergarten Jakarta International School ( JIS ) , states already mengikhlaskan death of his son who allegedly committed suicide in the bathroom Jakarta Police .

" I 've ' blessing .' Do not raked up about it . Pity my child , " said Maya Ncit when met at his home in Pangkalan Jati , Depok , on Tuesday ( 29/4 ) .
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Ncit Maya said her son was a good boy . According to him , when buried , many friends and relatives who mourn and drove to the cemetery . "If he's a bad guy , who drove past that much , " he said .

Ncit Maya said it had to raise her son by herself after her husband died when Anwar was still sitting in 1st grade elementary school .

Anwar was found dead with mouth foaming in the bathroom of Women and Child Protection Unit Jakarta Police after being arrested . He allegedly committed suicide with the cleaning fluid that is in the bathroom .

Anwar was arrested for allegedly become one of the perpetrators of sexual violence against JIS kindergarten students . Besides Anwar , police have also set five other suspects , namely cloud , Agun , Syahrial , Zainal and Afrisca .

The suspects are outsourced workers who work as cleaners in JIS . The victim confessed to her parents , perpetrators of sexual violence as many as five people, consisting of four men and a woman .


Saturday, April 26, 2014

Want to Give Surprise, Mother In fact STIP Dimas Students Shocked

Hanayanti Rukita plans to surprise his son , Dimas dikita Handoko ( 19 ) , did not materialize . In fact , he is surprised to hear her son who is studying at the School of Sailing ( STIP ) Marunda , North Jakarta , died molested by his seniors on Friday ( 04/25/2014 ) night .

" I got word this morning from the victim's father .
Then I call her , she cried once , he ( Rukita Hanayanti ) said last night that in fact he and Dimas teleponan and promised a surprise today to come visit his favorite child in Jakarta , " said Dimas aunt who refused to give his name said on Saturday ( 04/26/2014 ) .
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Dimas aunt was calling his nephew was a good kid , but tend to be closed . " He was a quiet man, a good son never rude at anyone even polite to her parents once .

I regret why this could happen , " he told at the Police Hospital , Kramat Jati , East Jakarta .

Dimas dikita Handoko ( 19 ) died with bruises on his body . Suspected death toll from being persecuted by the seniors on Friday ( 25/04/2014 ) night .

Suspicions arise because the family since the last couple of victims often reported experiencing violence from the seniors . Until now the police handling of the case is being investigated Resort Cilincing , North Jakarta .


Friday, April 25, 2014

AutoCAD 2015 Has Been Officially Launched2015 Has Been Officially Launched

AutoCAD 2015 Has Been Officially Launched
Autodesk , Inc. . recently launched AutoCAD 2015 is the latest series of applications of computer - aided design ( CAD ) worldwide . For the first time , AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT are available in the service pay-as - you-go subscription based .

" AutoCAD AutoCAD 2015 is redesigned and is the most ambitious product for more than 10 years , " said Amy Bunszel , vice president for product AutoCAD , Autodesk .

" The professionals can design almost any idea can be imagined with maximum productivity and can connect better than before , " he continued .
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AutoCAD 2015 is claimed to have a smooth interface that provides a much richer experience for them . With a darker color and a more modern look , this latest series of AutoCAD reduce eyestrain and with attractive colors .

Meanwhile , the latest tab page feature allows the user to open a new image or an existing one, while the ribbon galleries can save time and can be clicked by accessing the visual image content directly from the ribbon .

Other features that can accelerate the process of detailing and documentation , including the ability to format the words in the image that are similar to word processing ; use features such as an automatic point and numbering , and super / subscript .

AutoCAD 2015 also offers an easier way to access the online digital maps and other geographic location information can also display the point cloud and other computerized information . This software comes with Autodesk Application Manager , a new function that can provide information to users about the latest products and advanced products as well as certainty for download without any constraints .

With AutoCAD 2015 users can also show their work with confidence using TrustedDWG technology , new ways and most accurate for storing and exchanging design files . TrustedDWG technology can maintain the integrity of workflow throughout the design file that can be accessed through a computer , the cloud , and mobile solutions .

AutoCAD 2015 is available in three versions : Autodesk AutoCAD LT , which contains the essential 2D and specify the function as a constituent ; Autodesk AutoCAD adds 3D modeling tools and point cloud support functions , and AutoCAD Design Suite Standard edition , which allows users to extend their AutoCAD design workflow , from pre - conception to the completion of the process of using AutoCAD Raster Design and visual communication solutions .


Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Longstanding Suspected Commission Aims Hadi Purnomo

Members of the House of Representatives Commission III , Bambang Soesatyo , judging is not surprising that the determination of the Corruption Eradication Commission ( KPK ) establishes the former Director General of Taxes , Ministry of Finance , Hadi Purnomo , as suspects tax case of Bank Central Asia . According to Bambang , Hadi, who recently ended his position as Chairman of the Supreme Audit Agency ( BPK ) has long been coveted by the Commission .

" He has begun targeted when the Bank Century case is being revealed , while he is still a Director General of Taxation . So long coveted by the Commission , only a matter of time ," said Bambang in Cikini , Jakarta , Tuesday ( 04/22/2014 ) afternoon .

Century Bank Supervision Team members in the House that the Commission deliberately set Hadi suspect as a suspect in his retirement at the CPC . According to him , it was done because the agency 's chairman Abraham Samad CPC did not want to damage the image of the innocent .

" CPC that it is considered as a very respectable institution . They ( KPK ) may not want to spoil it , so deliberately ( fixing suspects ) do after retirement . I think it's not a coincidence , " he said .

Bambang expect the Commission to conduct a thorough investigation of this case and did not stop to Hadi alone . He asked the Commission also examined the BCA .
( Read: pleci juara )

Commission set Hadi Purnomo as the former Director General of Taxation as a suspect in a corruption case plea tax objections of PT Bank Central Asia Tbk in 2003. Hadi named as a suspect for allegedly abusing his authority as the Director General of Taxation after receiving all requests BCA Tbk PT tax objection to the transaction of non - performing loans ( NPL ) of Rp 5.7 trillion . As a result of the actions Hadi , the country suffered losses estimated at Rp 375 billion .


Assembly demands , Hercules Not Accompanied by Supporters

Assembly demands , Hercules Not Accompanied by Supporters
Hercules Rozario Marshal , convicted of money laundering , will face trial on charges readings today , Tuesday, April 22, 2014 . Planned trial will be held in courtroom Atmadja Kusuma , West Jakarta District Court . " Today we are ready to face the demands of the client , " said attorney Hercules , Charles Roy Sijabat , when met at the West Jakarta District Court .
( Read: jual burung )

Tempo has Hercules arrived at the West Jakarta District Court around 10:30 with a police escort . Using a long-sleeved white shirt and blue jeans , the accused directly to the holding room when the hunter got out of the car team of thugs . He did not answer the question when asked about their preparedness for the trial . ( Read : Hercules mode Squeeze and Money Washing )

Unlike the usual trial , this time does not seem Hercules supporters who usually filled the courtroom . Police did not provide security as tight as usual .
Hercules dragged to court in a money laundering case . He was charged with Article 3 of Law No. 8 of 2010 on Money Laundering . Former thug Tanah Abang was also threatened with a maximum penalty of 20 years in prison . ( Read also : In Prison , Bo


Saturday, April 19, 2014

Support to Gen. rocked in Rapimnas PPP

Internal conflicts the United Development Party ( PPP ) has not ended . Although PPP Chairman Suryadharma Ali ( SDA ) has decided to form support presidential candidate (candidates ) Prabowo last Friday , but the opposite party chairman Prabowo considers support for the party is not an official decision .

This is because the decision does not support the establishment of appropriate mechanisms party . Secretary -General ( Secretary General ) Romahurmuziy PPP in a press conference at the headquarters of the PPP said , the support expressed by the Chairman of the PPP to Prabowo is not the result of the National Leadership Meeting ( Rapimnas ) as mandated Mukernas II PPP last February in London .

Thus he asserts , organizationally PPP has not officially decided to support any one candidate , before the results of Rapimnas which will be held on Saturday ( 19/4 ) night . " As stipulated in London Mukernas II PPP support the establishment candidate is decided in Rapimnas , and new Rapimnas held Saturday at the office of PPP , " he told journalists at the PPP office .

He asserted Rapimnas will be held according to the rules of Association and Bylaws ( AD / ART ) PPP . And Rapimnas to be held this , he added , was attended by most of the central leaders , ranging from board daily , all Regional Chairman of the Executive Board ( DPW ) and the heads of the assemblies , such as Sharia Council , Advisory Council , the Assembly of Experts to the Court Party .

Chairman of Commission IV of the House of Representatives recognizes Rapimnas held this time deliberately accelerated the condition of the internal dynamics of politics and PPP . He also dismissed when it seeks to overthrow the position Rapimnas PPP Chairman Suryadharma Ali .
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He said there are at least two major agenda to be discussed , the first related to input and process information for legislative elections ( Pileg ) and how the vote PPP party and mass tendencies in the region . " Put this as the basis of the PPP coalition forward direction , " he said .


Derivatives Not Fat Kids But Wrong Parents!

A number of studies and medical journals may be mentioned that obesity is heredity or genetics. But this is not the main issue, the article of the child obesity problem is also related to the habits of parents who often provide food without nutrition in children.

As presented expert Herbalife nutrition and obesity, Dr. Rocio Medina, MD. He said the dangers of obesity not only affects adults but also among children is increasing. Worse, this problem is not only experienced by children in Indonesia but the world.
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"In my opinion, obesity is not a derivative. Various diseases stemming from obesity also could have been prevented. Problem, the parents' fault," Rocio said on the sidelines of the Herbalife health tour event at Senayan City, Jakarta, Thursday (04/17/2014) .

Rocio resume, indirect parents educate their children for obesity. How not, parents often bring fast food into the house, was taught how to eat and this is considered normal.

"Eventually the kids kept eating and obesity. Yet again parents often give gifts of food such as candy and chocolate. Maybe kids happy, but know parents have hurt him," said Rocio.

Rocio said the research in the United States 10 years now write children already suffering Atherosclerosis, or hardening of the arteries due to deposits of fat, cholesterol and other substances caused by obesity.

"I do not worry. When the kids like this is allowed then predicted he could have a heart attack at the age of 30 years," he explained.


Friday, April 18, 2014

Ferry sinks in the South , the skipper Investigators Duga Not Driving

The death toll in a ferry accident in South Korea that occurred on Wednesday morning local time increased to 25 people . In addition, the 271 passengers were missing and have not been found .

Reported by Reuters on Friday, April 18, 2014 , investigators suspect the 475 passenger ferry was driven by a junior officer , not the captain .
This is because the ferry accident occurred in calm and shallow waters . Investigators are currently focused on investigating the role of master of the ship when the accident occurred .

" He ( the captain ) is probably in the bridge . And the person who was driving at the time was the third officer , " said Park Jae - Eok , an officer who is investigating the ferry accident , in a press conference in Mokpo .
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Rescuers began pumping oxygen into the ferry Sewon today . Most of the passengers were high school kids who are going on vacation to Jeju Island .
Parents of the victims have not been found that although the ship's captain blames captain and shipping company officials have made ​​a formal apology for the loss of lives in the accident .

Witnesses said the captain and some crew left rudder . Meanwhile , another crew , asking passengers to remain calm sit in place until the ship tilted , capsized and sank in 16 miles southwest of Jindo , an island in South Korea .

Speculation that ferry accident causes popping and the team declined to comment on the accident investigation board. Because the captain turned the wheel too sharply so skewed and inverted .


Thursday, April 17, 2014

Attacked Hama, Down the Valley Rice Production

Rice production in Lebak regency , Banten , period from March to April 2014 decreased compared to the previous period of 5.9 tons to 5.6 tons per hectare of dry grain collected as a result of the attack stems brown planthopper .

" The harvest this year was reduced due to high rainfall lead to pest attack ( OPT ) , " said Head of Technical Implementation Unit ( UPT ) Agriculture Cikulur Subdistrict , Lebak , Baun Subandi in Rangkasbitung .

He said the rice harvest in Lebak district this year compared to last year shrunk . The cause of the reduction in rice production due to disease stems brown planthopper ( BPH ) .

During this time , he said , as heavy rains which caused lembab.Biasanya weather , humid weather that could potentially breeding population of animals that can attack the rice plant .

" We are fortunate to reduced food production was not large enough so detrimental , " he said .

Similarly , Samian , Rangkasbitung farmers claimed that he was the result of the harvest season beginning April 2014 shrank by two sacks from one hectare of land .

" We harvest season to reach 20 sacks last year , but now only 18 sacks of rice , " he said . He said he hoped the Department of Agriculture Lebak distributing seed varieties .
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Because most farmers here use local seeds , so susceptible to a variety of plant diseases and pests WBC .
" Despite the decline in rice production , but we still got a big enough profit from the sale of rice whose price reached USD 7.500/kg , " he said .


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Surround thousand UN Support Office Supervisory Committee

A thousand supporters of the Crescent Star Party (PBB ) Pamekasan , East Java , surrounded the Office of the Election Supervisory Committee ( Panwslu ) Pamekasan , Wednesday ( 16/04/2014 ) .

They come with a carrying hundreds of posters and coffins bearing the bodies of various kinds of insults . Among them , " Supervisory Committee is dead " , " dislodged Supervisory Committee chairman " , " thief tie Supervisory Committee " , " Supervisory Committee is not neutral " , and other assorted writings blasphemous .

Massa ask Supervisory Committee to act decisively against the alleged violations that occurred in the village of Potoan Laok , District Palengaan , in counting to Parliament Pamekasan .

In TPS 1 to 6 , there was another transfer of sound to the internal candidates Bulang Star Party . The transfer of data , causing a change of candidates who passed the parliament member Pamekasan .

" In Villages Potoan Laok TPS 1 , there are 480 candidates sound transferred to the United Nations from the other party . 's Causing the internal competition in the UN broken because there are candidates who have qualified into not qualify , " said Syamsul Arifin Mohammed , one of the orators of the action .

Explained Syamsul , the UN internal competition involves two candidates in the electoral district of Muhammad II Pamekasan Tamyiz and Bahrullah .

Before there was an abundance of sound from the other party , Muhammad Tamyiz predicted superior sound of the 400 over Bahrullah . However , after Bahrullah an abundance of sound from the other candidates , including 480 in TPS 1 votes, Muhammad Tamyiz outvoted .

" What we wonder, at the polling station 1 , all 480 sounds just drawn to Bahrullah . Though many supporters of other parties who claim to cast the other candidates , " said Syamsul .

In order to prove the existence of the violation , Muhammad Tamyiz along with witnesses and the success of the team came to the Office of Supervisory Committee report two days ago . However Supervisory Committee does not want to follow it up and submit to the candidates and the party .

"If you do not want to process the Supervisory Committee , we deem Supervisory Committee had received bribes . Anarchist We would not be neutral if the Supervisory Committee , " said Syamsul .

The action of the police escorted hundreds Pamekasan Police , Police Mobile Brigade members and hundreds of heavily armed East Java .
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As of this writing , Muhammad Tamyiz with his team , is negotiating with Pamekasan Supervisory Committee , and there is no decision .


Hanura 100 Percent in One TPS, and Bawaslu Police Investigate

East Java police call , a team of police deployed to Sampang , Madura , in order to explore various irregularities including fictitious polling stations when the 9 April 2014 elections , coming to fruition . Today, these findings are discussed with Bawaslu Java .

Head of Public Relations East Java Police , Police Commissioner Awi Setiyono call , a team led Kasibdit I Kamneg Ditreskrimum East Java Police , Assistant Commissioner Ansori , with members already went to the location with Bawaslu Chairman and Chairman of the Division of Enforcement Bawaslu Java .

" They 've done a clarification related to the fictitious case of TPS . As a result , there are some findings , " said Awi , Tuesday, April 16, 2014 .

Accompanied Invisible Criminal Police Sampang and Ketapang police chief , officer clarified in TPS 1 and TPS 17 in the District of Ketapang , Sampang .
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Explained Awi , from browsing the TPS 8 , 10 and 14 , as well as to the chairman KPPS clarification , note that TPS 8 and 10 did not meet the standard TPS feasible .

" In the polling stations no waiting chairs , tables , boards , sign in and out . Chair where only a ballot box , " he said .

Second , the results of information KPPS chairman , while no witness mentioned calculations , but the facts in the form C.1 witness signature is empty . In addition , it is known that 100 percent sound card punched for one of the candidates Hanura .

" Furthermore , the clarification on the field last night will be discussing in the office Bawaslu East Java province , " said Awi .


Monday, April 14, 2014

Left Right beaten, Golkar Persists

JAKARTA - Golkar never come out as a winner since the New Order of the outgoing government . However, since the reform era fluttering banyan tree always perched in the top three .

University of Indonesia political analyst , Kamaruddin , assess new pascaorde resignation able to survive despite the Golkar Party has been blamed as the culprit of the authoritarian era under the leadership of Suharto .

" We remember after the reform era , how Golkar beaten right , left , front , and back but is able to get in the top three , " he told Okezone , Tuesday ( 15/04/2014 ) .
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Kamaruddin said , there are at least three factors that make the banyan tree remains strong . First , he said , the structure of the decades Golkar entry into the country .

" That does not necessarily lost in the reform era though beaten , " he said .

Second , he continued , Golkar politician wading experience difficult times . Internal conflicts in Golkar , according Kamaruddin there must be , but everything should be finished despite extreme ways .

" Regeneration their already established . Internal conflict can be completed even if there is create a new party . 's Long experience Golkar elite , " he said .

The last factor that makes Golkar persist from election to election , according Kamaruddin , there is the romance of the past who try to use elite Golkar in the 2014 election .

" How Soeharto success is claimed to be more palatable than now . Within a certain level , it effectively maintains Golkar , " he explained .


Sunday, April 13, 2014

Reprimanded security, motorcycle gang in Makassar attack Wahidin

Brutality in Makassar motorcycle gang is getting disturbing the public . After attacking and robbing people , minimarket , now they again attacked General Hospital Dr. Wahidin Sudirohusodo Makassar .

" We received the news that they are back in action at the Hospital Dr. Wahidin and members of the local police also had to handle this case , " said Head of Public Relations Section Commissioner Mantasiah Polrestabes Makassar Makassar as reported by Reuters on Sunday ( 13/4 ) .

Mantasiah said , based on the chronology of events that gathered members at the scene when the actors come up with quite a lot and the number of attacking and damaging a hospital facility .

He said one of his fellow actors affected by broken glass was taken to the hospital to get help , but because reprimanded by the security , they then attack blindly .

The attack was carried out because the members of motorcycle gangs are not park their cars regularly and neatly , so reprimanded by the security and asked him to park it properly .

" They just reprimanded to park the vehicle properly , but it was not accepted by the perpetrators until they attacked the security and pelted stones at the hospital and arrows , " he said .

As a result of the attack , a number of existing facilities at the hospital becomes damaged , the glass and the door broke due to stone throwing is done by many people .

" At the moment the motorcycle gang was reprimanded , they felt that his offense is not served by a doctor so that members of the motorcycle gang that attacked the hospital by using stone and bow then run away , " he said .

Previously , on Sunday ( 13/4 ) early morning about 01.00 pm , a motorcycle gang members were also in action at some point in Makassar in between Jalan Abdullah Daeng Sirua , District Mangala by attacking a mini market .

In that place , in addition to attacking with stones , the herd motorcycle gang carrying weapons such as the dagger , machete , samurai and children bow and ketapelnya was also looted its contents .
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In other places , the flock of the motorcycle gang was underage is also attacked the coffee shop ( Warkop ) at Pioneer Road Independence with sharp weapons and stole several valuable items such as a portable computer ( laptop ) and mobile phones ( HP ) of visitors .


Thursday, April 10, 2014

Cak Imin Main Factors Increase Voice Party

The rise of Voice National Awakening Party ( PKB ) in the 2014 legislative elections do not make PKB DPP Deputy Secretary General Lukmanul Khakim wonder . According to him , the foresight of PKB Chairman Muhaimin Iskandar resource management that is able to raise the voice of PKB .

" There are at least three factors of Cak Imin ways to manage the party wheel , so as to raise the collective voice , " he said in Jakarta , Thursday ( 04/10/2014 ) .

The first factor is the effect of NU . According to him , the completion of the relationship between PKB and NU well , both at the central , regional, district branches even be an important factor . CLA - NU relationship harmonious voice rising into a powerful way of PKB . " Cak Imin CLA often encourage candidates to complete political relations between the candidates with NU , " he said .
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Second , Rhoma Effect . He explained that , for nearly a year over Rhoma Irama CLA campaign in various regions . How to hook CLA Rhoma Irama judged influential voices raised PKB .

" Sure have influence because Rhoma Irama has loyal supporters , numbering tens of millions , " he explained .

The third factor is the opinion building . According to him , Cak Imin expertise in managing issues and so the central issue of the presidential candidates over the past year in several media .
" Started with Rhoma Irama , the passing of the name Mahfud MD , and last pack JK , " he said .

Lukmanul added , the entry of Lion Air CEO Rusdi Kirana to CBA also adds its own power for the CLA . So it 's not just opinion but has no power resource competitiveness . " And the inclusion Rusdi be a plus for the CBA, " he said .

Just to note , based on a quick count on the LSI 2014 legislative elections , with 19.77 percent of the top PDIP , Golkar 14.61 percent , 11.80 percent Gerindra , Democrat 9.73 percent , 9.07 percent PKB , PAN 7.47 percent , PPP 7.08 percent , 6.61 percent MCC , Nasdem 6.27 percent , 5.26 percent Hanura , UN 1.36 percent , and 0.97 percent PKPI .


Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Teenagers and students are expected to want to promote the tourist area of South Kalimantan

In addition to natural resources are enough , Kalimantan , South Kalimantan also has a particularly attractive tourist area . Therefore , there is hope that teenagers and students in South Kalimantan can promote it online .

hope and encouragement to promote local tourism through online South Kalimantan region is trying applied by PT XL Axiata to enlist the help of students and teenagers .

Manager Management Service XL , Luce Lolo hope that teenagers and students participated advertise Kalsel potential is realized through Internet training healthy .

The training given to dozens of teenage youth clubs and student Nurul Hidayah Madrasah Aliyah Baintan Lok Village Banjar District .

" Training the internet as evidence XL effort in promoting Indonesian , especially the tour of South Kalimantan , " said Loce as disclosed to Reuters ( 07 / 04 ) .

According to Luce , internet and mobile services is able to stimulate the economy of a region , one of them by promoting traditional culture Floating in the international market .

This , he added , is a continuation of the events XL Media National Gathering that previously has donated three units of PCs for youth clubs and Nurul Hidayah Madrasah Aliyah Lok Baintan , Banjarmasin , on 20 to 22 March 2014.

By conducting Internet training healthy for teenagers and students on the riverbank Lok Baintan Pier , Floating Market , is also expected to be able to encourage and increase the insight and knowledge of adolescents Kalsel .

About 50 teens and students Nurul Hidayah Madrasah Aliyah training which aims to encourage them to be familiar with the internet , so they can use it positively to promote the culture of the public to the Floating Market .

These activities , Ward opened directly Lok Baintan Sapriansyah and also ASM Patar H Munte Banjarmasin .

" The existence of the internet is very important to optimize the area of trade promotion and unlimited , " he said .

Borneo has a huge market potential for XL . Noted , growth in the region XL North Region , particularly in the area of Borneo grow positively .

Until the end of 2013 , XL has recorded an amount of more than 2 million subscribers . A total of 60 percent is also customer data. XL targets , customers in Borneo could grow about 30 percent over year-end 2014 .

Meanwhile , the XL network in about Kalimantan supported more than 1,800 base stations . XL can be accessed in all provinces in Kalimantan , and in almost all districts / cities .
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In fact, the XL also up in the border areas , such as , among others, in Entikong , Sebatik Island West Kalimantan and East Kalimantan . BTS modernization has been done in this area has been completed and is currently 100 percent


Monday, March 31, 2014

Direct selling Office for iPad

Once launched on the iOS platform on Thursday ( 03/27/2014 ) , Office applications for the iPad received a positive response from Apple fans . Proven to perch Office for iPad in the top row of the table grossing free applications . (see also: tema android terbaru 2014)

At least until Saturday ( 03/29/2014 ) , the Office for the iPad that are part of Microsoft Office 365 productivity suite of applications has become the most frequently downloaded free . Microsoft Word being the most popular, while Excel , PowerPoint , and OneNote following close behind .

Quoted from Recode ( 29/03/2014 ) , it is a good sign for Microsoft , because of their hard work for years to prepare Office in iOS welcomed by iPad users . Moreover , the Office for the iPad could get rid of other similar applications such as Quip , Evernote , and Apple's own office applications , iWorks .

In addition , Word and Excel in Office for iPad was also on the popular paid applications ( top grossing apps ) . This means the number of people willing to pay to get more features in Office for iPad .

Office for the iPad using the freemium . Customers who upgrade Microsoft applications will get a lot more features , like the ability to edit documents . While the free version can only be used to open and read the documents alone . Office for the iPad became the best-selling app in iOS for free
However , the debut of Office for the iPad in iOS platform also has a bug problem . On Friday ( 28/03/2014 ) , or the day after it was launched , the site Ubergizmo found a bug in Office applications for the iPad .
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The bug appears for users who still rely on SharePoint 2010 . The platform collaborative editing measih rely on ActiveX controls to access the document , while Apple's iOS devices have stripped the plug -in . Microsoft has provided a guide to resolve the issue on the official website .


Friday, March 14, 2014

CARBON EMISSION REDUCTION Local Government Compensation Request Certainty

Local government in West Sumatra ask certainty about the outcome or compensation schemes for Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation ( Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation / REDD + ) . This was revealed in West Sumatra Provincial Government Coordination Meeting with district / city government attended Forestry Minister Zulkifli Hasan in Pasaman , West Sumatra , on Monday ( 13/6 ) . (see also: obat burung)

Benny Pasaman Regent Home on the occasion questioned about the possibility of compensation that can be obtained related REDD + it . He also hoped that the adjusted compensation earned by forest land area in Pasaman . " Because Pasaman very limited income , " said Benny .

West Sumatra Governor Irwan Prayitno also said the West Sumatra provincial government in 2008 and was offered a number of companies to trade carbon . At least Carbon Strategic Global and Asia Pacific Carbon has offered cooperation in protected forest carbon trading .

However , such cooperation has not been realized because there is no clear and official rules . " This includes parts of carbon trading and REDD + compensation , " he said .

In response, Zulkifli Hasan said Indonesia will ensure reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 26 percent by 2020 with its own efforts . The reduction will increase to 41 percent by foreign aid through REDD + and sustainable forest management .

Of the approximately 2.4 million hectares of forest land in Sumatra , 445 043 hectares of which are proposed to change the status . However, it is recommended to change the function of only 151 832 hectares , 9957 to increase the forest area , and changes so other usage areas covering 129 648 hectares .

Related to the exploitation of natural resources by the companies , the National Freshwater Programme Coordinator World Wild Fund ( WWF ) Indonesia Agung Tri Rooswiadji Monday in Banda Aceh , said there should be payments for ecosystem services . With this program , the company as service users can invest some of their funds for the preservation of the surrounding ecosystem by empowering the local community . (see also: vitamin burung)

" In Indonesia, the program has begun to run


Friday, March 7, 2014

The characteristics, type and Benefits of Clove

Clove is one of the perennial herbaceous plants that are small. This plant is also a kind of annual plants, biennial, and the plants are short-lived.

Traits of Cloves In General (see also: pakan burung)
Actually, cloves characteristic different because clove is a plant that has very many species, and each species has a characteristic of cloves each. However, in general a characteristic of cloves can be seen, such as the type of trifoliate leaves which usually consists of 5-7 leaves enclosed seeds, have stipules adnate to the petiole knitting, and has flower heads with small red, purple, white, or yellow.

Cloves were first popularized in China. Then spread in the Arab region and when the Portuguese came and control of trade, cloves brought the Portuguese to Spanish dank e various countries in Europe, until the cloves was then up to the Moluccas. From there then the cloves into one of the herbs that are often found in Indonesia today. These plants can only grow in fertile soil with a moderate climate, but it could be in the mountains of the tropics.

Types of Clove
As was explained earlier that clove has many types, but the most important type of cloves there are only three, namely;

Cloves white
Is the type of cloves that have a yellowish color of the leaves, branches first appear will usually die quickly, but it would appear that a new branch on the size of about 1-2 meters. Have a round shape with leaves and branches are not so shady, and has 16 flowers.

Cloves Frogs
Is a type of clove leaf color yellowish green, shiny, and slippery inclined. Having a flower cluster around 20 to 50 florets. Clove clove frog is the most adaptable to any environment compared with other types of clove.

Zanzibar Clove
Is a type of clove leaf that has a very lush, very low height it is evident from the distance between the branches of the tree to the ground fairly close. Clove leaf is usually pink when young and will change color to dark green when it is old. Has a long stalk and flower buds on the branches when mature reaches 50 pieces.

Benefits of Cloves
Benefits of clove also vary. Among the benefits are the benefits for health. In the world of health, cloves touted able to treat a variety of diseases, such as:

Catch a cold
Late period
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Plant cloves also proved to have antiseptic and analgesic properties.


Monday, February 24, 2014

How Nokia X in Indonesia

The presence of Nokia X , the first device from Nokia which use the Android operating system , has been announced in Barcelona , Spain .

( see also: lomba burung )
 How does Nokia X present in Indonesia ? It turns out that Nokia will hold one of the largest telecom operators in the country , namely SingTel .

Through its official statement , Vodacom said it would be the Nokia partner to bring these devices in Indonesia .

Although not yet announced official pricing , Vodacom gives an indication that the device will come with an affordable price .

" The presence of affordable smartphones such as the Nokia X is very important to strengthen the ecosystem of DNA or device - network -applications in Indonesia , " said Alistair Johnston , Marketing Director of Telkomsel .

The presence of Nokia X announced in the Mobile World Congress 2014. The device will be able to run many Android applications . Nokia X also offers free applications , such as Maps or MixRadio Here , as well as the popular Microsoft services such as and Skype .

Alistair said in the statement also mentioned the billing provider , which means payment by credit cut . During this time , Android buyers generally have to use a credit card for the transaction .

" With a large number of loyal users for Nokia in our network , strategic partnership with Nokia that has long existed , including the carrier billing for Nokia Store , as well as access to the Android world , we are quite confident that the market will respond positively , " he said .

" We are very pleased to partner with SingTel to offer smartphone Nokia X , " said Timo Toikkanen , Executive Vice President of Nokia Mobile Phones .

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When announced , Nokia put up a range of Rp 1.5 million ( Nokia X ) to $ 1.8 million ( Nokia XL ) . However , it is the current official price announcement . It is not known how much is currently circulating in Indonesia .