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The characteristics, type and Benefits of Clove

Clove is one of the perennial herbaceous plants that are small. This plant is also a kind of annual plants, biennial, and the plants are short-lived.

Traits of Cloves In General (see also: pakan burung)
Actually, cloves characteristic different because clove is a plant that has very many species, and each species has a characteristic of cloves each. However, in general a characteristic of cloves can be seen, such as the type of trifoliate leaves which usually consists of 5-7 leaves enclosed seeds, have stipules adnate to the petiole knitting, and has flower heads with small red, purple, white, or yellow.

Cloves were first popularized in China. Then spread in the Arab region and when the Portuguese came and control of trade, cloves brought the Portuguese to Spanish dank e various countries in Europe, until the cloves was then up to the Moluccas. From there then the cloves into one of the herbs that are often found in Indonesia today. These plants can only grow in fertile soil with a moderate climate, but it could be in the mountains of the tropics.

Types of Clove
As was explained earlier that clove has many types, but the most important type of cloves there are only three, namely;

Cloves white
Is the type of cloves that have a yellowish color of the leaves, branches first appear will usually die quickly, but it would appear that a new branch on the size of about 1-2 meters. Have a round shape with leaves and branches are not so shady, and has 16 flowers.

Cloves Frogs
Is a type of clove leaf color yellowish green, shiny, and slippery inclined. Having a flower cluster around 20 to 50 florets. Clove clove frog is the most adaptable to any environment compared with other types of clove.

Zanzibar Clove
Is a type of clove leaf that has a very lush, very low height it is evident from the distance between the branches of the tree to the ground fairly close. Clove leaf is usually pink when young and will change color to dark green when it is old. Has a long stalk and flower buds on the branches when mature reaches 50 pieces.

Benefits of Cloves
Benefits of clove also vary. Among the benefits are the benefits for health. In the world of health, cloves touted able to treat a variety of diseases, such as:

Catch a cold
Late period
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Plant cloves also proved to have antiseptic and analgesic properties.


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