Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Apple and Samsung Not So "goodness"

Immediately after court ruling Apple - Samsung patent dispute is issued in early May , the two sides asked Judge Lucy Koh to be at peace through the middle of the road or alternative dispute resolution ( ADR ) .

However , a court document released this week revealed that the peace effort turned out to be a dead end.

Instead of " goodness " , as reported by The Verge , Apple and Samsung rather than mutual recrimination that his opponent does not have a commitment to resolve the issue outside the court room .

Apple said that Samsung did not want to agree that the ADR peace agreement does not nullify the possibility of lawsuits or royalty agreements in the future .
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The company also quoted Samsung lawyer , John Quinn , who called the court patent dispute as " Vietnam War Apple version that makes people sick " .

On the other hand , Samsung argued that the statement of the attorney had nothing to do with the peace effort . Samsung also objected to the requirement that prompted Apple , about the ADR agreement does not eliminate the possibility of future lawsuits .

Samsung and Apple alternating engage in peace talks . However , they always fail to reach agreement even brokered by mediators .

It is possible that these two giants did not want to " goodness " . Decision issued compensation court did not have much effect to both corporate finance , while the ban applies only to products that have been worn out old stuff .

The court ruling in a patent dispute between Apple's second half and Samsung released earlier this month . Judges decided that Apple and Samsung are equally guilty and should pay compensation , even though the number is much smaller than that dituntutkan by both parties .


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