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Benefits of Noni Fruits and Leaves for Health

Health articles , the benefits of noni fruit and leaves for health .
Noni plants is a plant that can grow in the lowlands to the height of 1500 m . have you seen this fruit crop ? The benefits of Noni is very good for the body , where the plants can reach approximately 3-8 m , has an interest , where the flower head is white .
In the Noni fruit when young is green with brown spots or black , as are berries then when the old compound will change color to white .
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Benefits of Noni Fruit
As for the content of such Noni fruit is that it contains nutrients , proteins , vitamins , and minerals that are essential for the body , other than that there are also other ingredients such as terpenoids substances , anti-bacterial substances , and also anti-cancer substances . where in this content are the benefits of Noni fruit is very good for health .
The other benefits of Noni fruit that is as immune , anti inflamansi , analgesics , fighting germs , controlling blood pressure , hypertension , fever , cough , abdominal pain , busting the scales on the legs , normalize blood pressure , cancer and tumors healers , as well as improving digestion in the body .

Benefits of Noni Fruit For Health

While there are benefits as a beauty , but most people opt for the benefits of the Noni fruit for their health . Usually for processing the Noni fruit Noni treated as herbs , because it is able to cure jaundice , inflammation of the spleen , liver inflammation , and can help remove fluids excessive bile and cholesterol , and other health benefits for the body . Hopefully this information can be useful and beneficial for you .
Benefits of Noni Leaf

In addition to the Noni fruit still more benefits Noni fruit and leaves , which can be used either on their utilization for health and for beauty .
On the leaves of Morinda citrifolia you can use as a food to replace vegetables , on the leaf contains Vitamin A , and can heal as well as treatment ambein and flatulence in the baby , if you are diligent to consume .
In addition to beauty Noni leaf can be used for body slimming , acne removal and also on the face .

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