Tuesday, May 27, 2014

"That Semanggi Keramat, Must Sterile of Building Anything"

Director of the Institute for Transportation Development Policy ( ITDP ) Yoga Adiwinarto admit , the distance between the stop and the Lower Dam clover stop too far . In fact , he considered , the distance between the two stops is not ideal for stop distance connecting the two corridors .

Yoga explained , a few years ago had no plans to bring the second stop in order to facilitate the convenience of passengers who want to transit from the first to the Corridor Corridor IX , nor vice versa .

"It was never going approximated . So , stop Benhil it would be moved to under the Semanggi Bridge , " he told Kompas.com , Tuesday ( 27/05/2014 ) .
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However , the word yoga , the plan faced considerable opposition from one of the professors of urban planning that assesses the Semanggi Bridge is a sacred bridge so there should not be any building constructed on the site .

" So , there are professors who opposed because he thought it was a sacred Semanggi , sterile area that is free from any buildings . So , in order to maintain purity Semanggi , dikorbankanlah haltenya so ( much ) like that , " said Yoga without mentioning the person who he meant .

Benhil stop is a stop that is located in the corridor I , while clover stop was in Corridor IX . The second stop is used by users who want to perform TransJakarta Corridor I to transit of Corridor IX , nor vice versa .

However , the second stop distance is quite far , reaching 200-300 meters . This resulted in the passengers had to walk 5-8 minutes , which is of course physically draining enough just to move from stop to stop .


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