Friday, May 2, 2014

Gov't Offers Cooperation Handling MERS-CoV

Health Minister Nafsiah Mboi said the Indonesian government will offer disease management cooperation midde East Respiratory Syndrome Corona Virus ( MERS - CoV ) with countries of Saudi Arabia and other countries that have such cases .

" We have spoken to the Foreign Ministry that we will offer assistance cooperation , because Indonesia has never had bird flu and we can control it , " said Minister of Health in Jakarta , Friday ( 2/5 ) .
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Diseases caused by the corona virus that has symptoms similar to bird flu , among others, high fever , cough and flu as well as shortness of breath .

While cooperation is called Menkes offered technical assistance how to control the transmission of the disease more intensively since Indonesia has experience in suppressing the spread of bird flu .

Meanwhile , the Ministry of Health has issued a warning to the public, especially for prospective Umrah pilgrims to Saudi Arabia on alert for MERS - CoV .

" All has been given a warning , which will Umrah pilgrims ' travel agents ' , all have been collected to be given a warning , " said Menkes .

Minister also said all CTF has also been fitted by body heat scanner equipment that can be used to check for new passengers coming from abroad, especially from Arab countries where the virus is endemic middle corona .

"If there is any light as symptoms , immediately consult . Sooner monitored more easy to ascertain ( whether infected with corona virus ) . Dan also mentioned ( for health workers ) that you just came from Arabia , " said Minister of Health .

The World Health Organization ( WHO ) reported that there were 10 new cases in Saudi Arabia within 24 hours on April 30, 2014 from the city of Mecca , Jeddah and Medina .

A citizen in Mecca was also killed by a MERS - CoV last week , but Minister of Health said no cases found in Indonesia, both of Umrah pilgrims and citizens visiting other Arab countries .

" Thank God for the Umrah Indonesia has no ( MERS - CoV infected ) . Someone back with the symptoms but it turned out negative , " says Menkes .


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