Tuesday, April 29, 2014

For the sake of the Son , Rich Woman Mountain Lease

For the sake of Children , Women tajir Rent Mount
A mother who is very wealthy from China , accidentally hire a mountain for his daughter could learn about nature .

Gan Lin , spending money of 3,000 pounds or approximately Rp56 million ( Rp19.546 per pound ) per month to rent a mountain , farm , and also an area of ​​1.3 hectares ( ha ) .

Women who had worked as a teacher is willing to spend a lot of money just to help her daughter , Gan Gan Yin , learn about nature by planting vegetables or raise .
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" I think this is the best way for my child to gain knowledge about nature , " said Gan Lin . As reported by Express , Tuesday ( 29/04/2014 ) .

" Knowledge of nature is very little known by the children in the town . 's A good idea to teach them about nature directly into place rather than in the classroom , " he said .

Every day after school , her daughter and her classmates went to the mountain where they could study the plants and animals . They also played in the meadow .


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