Thursday, April 17, 2014

Attacked Hama, Down the Valley Rice Production

Rice production in Lebak regency , Banten , period from March to April 2014 decreased compared to the previous period of 5.9 tons to 5.6 tons per hectare of dry grain collected as a result of the attack stems brown planthopper .

" The harvest this year was reduced due to high rainfall lead to pest attack ( OPT ) , " said Head of Technical Implementation Unit ( UPT ) Agriculture Cikulur Subdistrict , Lebak , Baun Subandi in Rangkasbitung .

He said the rice harvest in Lebak district this year compared to last year shrunk . The cause of the reduction in rice production due to disease stems brown planthopper ( BPH ) .

During this time , he said , as heavy rains which caused lembab.Biasanya weather , humid weather that could potentially breeding population of animals that can attack the rice plant .

" We are fortunate to reduced food production was not large enough so detrimental , " he said .

Similarly , Samian , Rangkasbitung farmers claimed that he was the result of the harvest season beginning April 2014 shrank by two sacks from one hectare of land .

" We harvest season to reach 20 sacks last year , but now only 18 sacks of rice , " he said . He said he hoped the Department of Agriculture Lebak distributing seed varieties .
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Because most farmers here use local seeds , so susceptible to a variety of plant diseases and pests WBC .
" Despite the decline in rice production , but we still got a big enough profit from the sale of rice whose price reached USD 7.500/kg , " he said .


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