Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Surround thousand UN Support Office Supervisory Committee

A thousand supporters of the Crescent Star Party (PBB ) Pamekasan , East Java , surrounded the Office of the Election Supervisory Committee ( Panwslu ) Pamekasan , Wednesday ( 16/04/2014 ) .

They come with a carrying hundreds of posters and coffins bearing the bodies of various kinds of insults . Among them , " Supervisory Committee is dead " , " dislodged Supervisory Committee chairman " , " thief tie Supervisory Committee " , " Supervisory Committee is not neutral " , and other assorted writings blasphemous .

Massa ask Supervisory Committee to act decisively against the alleged violations that occurred in the village of Potoan Laok , District Palengaan , in counting to Parliament Pamekasan .

In TPS 1 to 6 , there was another transfer of sound to the internal candidates Bulang Star Party . The transfer of data , causing a change of candidates who passed the parliament member Pamekasan .

" In Villages Potoan Laok TPS 1 , there are 480 candidates sound transferred to the United Nations from the other party . 's Causing the internal competition in the UN broken because there are candidates who have qualified into not qualify , " said Syamsul Arifin Mohammed , one of the orators of the action .

Explained Syamsul , the UN internal competition involves two candidates in the electoral district of Muhammad II Pamekasan Tamyiz and Bahrullah .

Before there was an abundance of sound from the other party , Muhammad Tamyiz predicted superior sound of the 400 over Bahrullah . However , after Bahrullah an abundance of sound from the other candidates , including 480 in TPS 1 votes, Muhammad Tamyiz outvoted .

" What we wonder, at the polling station 1 , all 480 sounds just drawn to Bahrullah . Though many supporters of other parties who claim to cast the other candidates , " said Syamsul .

In order to prove the existence of the violation , Muhammad Tamyiz along with witnesses and the success of the team came to the Office of Supervisory Committee report two days ago . However Supervisory Committee does not want to follow it up and submit to the candidates and the party .

"If you do not want to process the Supervisory Committee , we deem Supervisory Committee had received bribes . Anarchist We would not be neutral if the Supervisory Committee , " said Syamsul .

The action of the police escorted hundreds Pamekasan Police , Police Mobile Brigade members and hundreds of heavily armed East Java .
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As of this writing , Muhammad Tamyiz with his team , is negotiating with Pamekasan Supervisory Committee , and there is no decision .


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