Thursday, April 10, 2014

Cak Imin Main Factors Increase Voice Party

The rise of Voice National Awakening Party ( PKB ) in the 2014 legislative elections do not make PKB DPP Deputy Secretary General Lukmanul Khakim wonder . According to him , the foresight of PKB Chairman Muhaimin Iskandar resource management that is able to raise the voice of PKB .

" There are at least three factors of Cak Imin ways to manage the party wheel , so as to raise the collective voice , " he said in Jakarta , Thursday ( 04/10/2014 ) .

The first factor is the effect of NU . According to him , the completion of the relationship between PKB and NU well , both at the central , regional, district branches even be an important factor . CLA - NU relationship harmonious voice rising into a powerful way of PKB . " Cak Imin CLA often encourage candidates to complete political relations between the candidates with NU , " he said .
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Second , Rhoma Effect . He explained that , for nearly a year over Rhoma Irama CLA campaign in various regions . How to hook CLA Rhoma Irama judged influential voices raised PKB .

" Sure have influence because Rhoma Irama has loyal supporters , numbering tens of millions , " he explained .

The third factor is the opinion building . According to him , Cak Imin expertise in managing issues and so the central issue of the presidential candidates over the past year in several media .
" Started with Rhoma Irama , the passing of the name Mahfud MD , and last pack JK , " he said .

Lukmanul added , the entry of Lion Air CEO Rusdi Kirana to CBA also adds its own power for the CLA . So it 's not just opinion but has no power resource competitiveness . " And the inclusion Rusdi be a plus for the CBA, " he said .

Just to note , based on a quick count on the LSI 2014 legislative elections , with 19.77 percent of the top PDIP , Golkar 14.61 percent , 11.80 percent Gerindra , Democrat 9.73 percent , 9.07 percent PKB , PAN 7.47 percent , PPP 7.08 percent , 6.61 percent MCC , Nasdem 6.27 percent , 5.26 percent Hanura , UN 1.36 percent , and 0.97 percent PKPI .


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