Sunday, April 13, 2014

Reprimanded security, motorcycle gang in Makassar attack Wahidin

Brutality in Makassar motorcycle gang is getting disturbing the public . After attacking and robbing people , minimarket , now they again attacked General Hospital Dr. Wahidin Sudirohusodo Makassar .

" We received the news that they are back in action at the Hospital Dr. Wahidin and members of the local police also had to handle this case , " said Head of Public Relations Section Commissioner Mantasiah Polrestabes Makassar Makassar as reported by Reuters on Sunday ( 13/4 ) .

Mantasiah said , based on the chronology of events that gathered members at the scene when the actors come up with quite a lot and the number of attacking and damaging a hospital facility .

He said one of his fellow actors affected by broken glass was taken to the hospital to get help , but because reprimanded by the security , they then attack blindly .

The attack was carried out because the members of motorcycle gangs are not park their cars regularly and neatly , so reprimanded by the security and asked him to park it properly .

" They just reprimanded to park the vehicle properly , but it was not accepted by the perpetrators until they attacked the security and pelted stones at the hospital and arrows , " he said .

As a result of the attack , a number of existing facilities at the hospital becomes damaged , the glass and the door broke due to stone throwing is done by many people .

" At the moment the motorcycle gang was reprimanded , they felt that his offense is not served by a doctor so that members of the motorcycle gang that attacked the hospital by using stone and bow then run away , " he said .

Previously , on Sunday ( 13/4 ) early morning about 01.00 pm , a motorcycle gang members were also in action at some point in Makassar in between Jalan Abdullah Daeng Sirua , District Mangala by attacking a mini market .

In that place , in addition to attacking with stones , the herd motorcycle gang carrying weapons such as the dagger , machete , samurai and children bow and ketapelnya was also looted its contents .
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In other places , the flock of the motorcycle gang was underage is also attacked the coffee shop ( Warkop ) at Pioneer Road Independence with sharp weapons and stole several valuable items such as a portable computer ( laptop ) and mobile phones ( HP ) of visitors .


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