Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Violence Suspect Mother JIS ikhlaskan son's departure

Ncit Maya , the mother of one of the alleged sexual abuse of students kindergarten Jakarta International School ( JIS ) , states already mengikhlaskan death of his son who allegedly committed suicide in the bathroom Jakarta Police .

" I 've ' blessing .' Do not raked up about it . Pity my child , " said Maya Ncit when met at his home in Pangkalan Jati , Depok , on Tuesday ( 29/4 ) .
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Ncit Maya said her son was a good boy . According to him , when buried , many friends and relatives who mourn and drove to the cemetery . "If he's a bad guy , who drove past that much , " he said .

Ncit Maya said it had to raise her son by herself after her husband died when Anwar was still sitting in 1st grade elementary school .

Anwar was found dead with mouth foaming in the bathroom of Women and Child Protection Unit Jakarta Police after being arrested . He allegedly committed suicide with the cleaning fluid that is in the bathroom .

Anwar was arrested for allegedly become one of the perpetrators of sexual violence against JIS kindergarten students . Besides Anwar , police have also set five other suspects , namely cloud , Agun , Syahrial , Zainal and Afrisca .

The suspects are outsourced workers who work as cleaners in JIS . The victim confessed to her parents , perpetrators of sexual violence as many as five people, consisting of four men and a woman .


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