Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Hanura 100 Percent in One TPS, and Bawaslu Police Investigate

East Java police call , a team of police deployed to Sampang , Madura , in order to explore various irregularities including fictitious polling stations when the 9 April 2014 elections , coming to fruition . Today, these findings are discussed with Bawaslu Java .

Head of Public Relations East Java Police , Police Commissioner Awi Setiyono call , a team led Kasibdit I Kamneg Ditreskrimum East Java Police , Assistant Commissioner Ansori , with members already went to the location with Bawaslu Chairman and Chairman of the Division of Enforcement Bawaslu Java .

" They 've done a clarification related to the fictitious case of TPS . As a result , there are some findings , " said Awi , Tuesday, April 16, 2014 .

Accompanied Invisible Criminal Police Sampang and Ketapang police chief , officer clarified in TPS 1 and TPS 17 in the District of Ketapang , Sampang .
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Explained Awi , from browsing the TPS 8 , 10 and 14 , as well as to the chairman KPPS clarification , note that TPS 8 and 10 did not meet the standard TPS feasible .

" In the polling stations no waiting chairs , tables , boards , sign in and out . Chair where only a ballot box , " he said .

Second , the results of information KPPS chairman , while no witness mentioned calculations , but the facts in the form C.1 witness signature is empty . In addition , it is known that 100 percent sound card punched for one of the candidates Hanura .

" Furthermore , the clarification on the field last night will be discussing in the office Bawaslu East Java province , " said Awi .


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