Monday, April 14, 2014

Left Right beaten, Golkar Persists

JAKARTA - Golkar never come out as a winner since the New Order of the outgoing government . However, since the reform era fluttering banyan tree always perched in the top three .

University of Indonesia political analyst , Kamaruddin , assess new pascaorde resignation able to survive despite the Golkar Party has been blamed as the culprit of the authoritarian era under the leadership of Suharto .

" We remember after the reform era , how Golkar beaten right , left , front , and back but is able to get in the top three , " he told Okezone , Tuesday ( 15/04/2014 ) .
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Kamaruddin said , there are at least three factors that make the banyan tree remains strong . First , he said , the structure of the decades Golkar entry into the country .

" That does not necessarily lost in the reform era though beaten , " he said .

Second , he continued , Golkar politician wading experience difficult times . Internal conflicts in Golkar , according Kamaruddin there must be , but everything should be finished despite extreme ways .

" Regeneration their already established . Internal conflict can be completed even if there is create a new party . 's Long experience Golkar elite , " he said .

The last factor that makes Golkar persist from election to election , according Kamaruddin , there is the romance of the past who try to use elite Golkar in the 2014 election .

" How Soeharto success is claimed to be more palatable than now . Within a certain level , it effectively maintains Golkar , " he explained .


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