Friday, April 18, 2014

Ferry sinks in the South , the skipper Investigators Duga Not Driving

The death toll in a ferry accident in South Korea that occurred on Wednesday morning local time increased to 25 people . In addition, the 271 passengers were missing and have not been found .

Reported by Reuters on Friday, April 18, 2014 , investigators suspect the 475 passenger ferry was driven by a junior officer , not the captain .
This is because the ferry accident occurred in calm and shallow waters . Investigators are currently focused on investigating the role of master of the ship when the accident occurred .

" He ( the captain ) is probably in the bridge . And the person who was driving at the time was the third officer , " said Park Jae - Eok , an officer who is investigating the ferry accident , in a press conference in Mokpo .
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Rescuers began pumping oxygen into the ferry Sewon today . Most of the passengers were high school kids who are going on vacation to Jeju Island .
Parents of the victims have not been found that although the ship's captain blames captain and shipping company officials have made ​​a formal apology for the loss of lives in the accident .

Witnesses said the captain and some crew left rudder . Meanwhile , another crew , asking passengers to remain calm sit in place until the ship tilted , capsized and sank in 16 miles southwest of Jindo , an island in South Korea .

Speculation that ferry accident causes popping and the team declined to comment on the accident investigation board. Because the captain turned the wheel too sharply so skewed and inverted .


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