Saturday, April 19, 2014

Support to Gen. rocked in Rapimnas PPP

Internal conflicts the United Development Party ( PPP ) has not ended . Although PPP Chairman Suryadharma Ali ( SDA ) has decided to form support presidential candidate (candidates ) Prabowo last Friday , but the opposite party chairman Prabowo considers support for the party is not an official decision .

This is because the decision does not support the establishment of appropriate mechanisms party . Secretary -General ( Secretary General ) Romahurmuziy PPP in a press conference at the headquarters of the PPP said , the support expressed by the Chairman of the PPP to Prabowo is not the result of the National Leadership Meeting ( Rapimnas ) as mandated Mukernas II PPP last February in London .

Thus he asserts , organizationally PPP has not officially decided to support any one candidate , before the results of Rapimnas which will be held on Saturday ( 19/4 ) night . " As stipulated in London Mukernas II PPP support the establishment candidate is decided in Rapimnas , and new Rapimnas held Saturday at the office of PPP , " he told journalists at the PPP office .

He asserted Rapimnas will be held according to the rules of Association and Bylaws ( AD / ART ) PPP . And Rapimnas to be held this , he added , was attended by most of the central leaders , ranging from board daily , all Regional Chairman of the Executive Board ( DPW ) and the heads of the assemblies , such as Sharia Council , Advisory Council , the Assembly of Experts to the Court Party .

Chairman of Commission IV of the House of Representatives recognizes Rapimnas held this time deliberately accelerated the condition of the internal dynamics of politics and PPP . He also dismissed when it seeks to overthrow the position Rapimnas PPP Chairman Suryadharma Ali .
( Read: anis merah jantan )

He said there are at least two major agenda to be discussed , the first related to input and process information for legislative elections ( Pileg ) and how the vote PPP party and mass tendencies in the region . " Put this as the basis of the PPP coalition forward direction , " he said .


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